The Best Online Cinema Ticket Buying App 2022 No Need to Queue! – The online cinema ticket buying app is very useful for those of you who don’t want to queue to buy tickets. You also won’t run out of movie tickets at your favorite cinema.

In 2022, there are many apps to buy good online cinema tickets. apps to buy cinema tickets have a page that is simple and easy for you to use.

In this article, we will discuss the app to buy cinema tickets online and how to buy tickets. You will also get recommendations for the best apps to buy movie tickets.

Apps Buy Cinema Tickets Online

cinema ticket

Those of you who like to watch movies at the cinema must be really lazy not to queue to buy tickets or often run out of tickets. Don’t worry, you can use the app to buy cinema tickets online.

This app is very simple and easy to understand for users. The app for buying cinema tickets online also has movie schedules, movie tickets, cinema meals, and others.

So one app covers it all and is definitely easy to use. Users can get apps to buy cinema tickets online through the Play Store and App Store.

Enough with the app to buy cinema tickets online, you can enjoy movies without waiting in line. You just need to lie down, sit down, etc. to get movie tickets for the cinema easily and simply.

Users only need to click and then get a QR code for movie tickets. There are quite a number of apps that can make buying tickets to watch movies online. You can buy tickets in advance to watch movies.

Viewers can also pre-order movie tickets when the tickets are already opened before the film’s release. So you don’t have to be afraid of running out of your favorite movie tickets or having to queue.

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Spectators can buy tickets online while lying down. You don’t have to worry about being tricked into buying in the ticket purchase app. You will be given recommendations for trusted apps.

Recommended Apps Buy Cinema Tickets Online

Apps for buying cinema tickets online include quite a few you may meet you may know. You need to know what are the trusted and best apps to buy cinema tickets.

The apps that will be described have very easy and simple payment methods. Check out the app to buy cinema tickets online below:

1. Cinema 21 Or M.TIX App

One app to buy cinema tickets online at Cinema 21 or often known as m.tix. This app is specifically for buying tickets for films showing at Cinema XXI. M.tix is ​​quite complete for those of you who want to buy tickets first and cinema food first. Payment in this app is very easy and simple.

M.tix has the latest version with a simple and easy page. You can check the list of theaters, movie schedules, and of course the ticket prices for Cinema XXI throughout Indonesia.

How to order movie tickets, of course, online and you will get a QR code. You just need to exchange the QR code at the machine available at the cinema.

2. Tix ID App

Tix ID is the app of choice and great for movie lovers. This app can buy online cinema tickets for CGV, Cinema XXI, and Cinepolis. You can also buy vouchers for streaming movie watching packages. Tix ID app is an app to check all movies in theaters, events, and online movies.

This app is very easy, you only need a phone number to register. Tix ID also has an easy payment method. You can make payments via Dana, banking, and others. Users of this app can also collect points to get prizes from Tix ID.

3. Gotix App

Gojek is not only for ordering ojol, gocar, food, and others but can also buy cinema tickets. Those of you who have the Gojek app can easily buy cinema tickets online.

So you don’t have to bother downloading other apps to buy tickets. Gotix has many promos that you can get if you buy cinema tickets on Gojek.

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You will also find it easy to pay because you can use GoPay. Gojek is a very useful and multifunctional app. Gotix can only buy CGV, Cinepolis, and ASHTA movie tickets.

4. CGV Cinemas Indonesia App

The next app to buy cinema tickets is CGV Cinemas Indonesia, which is often used by Indonesian citizens. You can buy movie tickets for movies that are showing at CGV online.

Of course this app can buy CGV food online and exchange it on the spot. This app is also easy for the payment method.

For those of you who have purchased online in this app, you will get a booking id and pass key to be exchanged.

5. Traveloka App

Those of you who have traveloka can really buy cinema tickets in this app. So traveloka is not only for buying flight tickets, trains, buses, hotels, and others.

This app can order cinema movie tickets online. Users can buy movie tickets that air on Flix and CGV. Traveloka is also very easy to pay for cinema tickets online.

You can also get the above apps on the Play Store and App Store for free. You don’t have to bother anymore to come an hour earlier than showtime.

Viewers can also immediately know the available showtimes without the need to go to the cinema again. For those of you who don’t have the app above, don’t hesitate to download it via the link provided above.

How to Buy Cinema Tickets at Cinema XXI or M.Tix

This app is very easy for you to use to buy tickets. You don’t need to be confused about how to do it because the steps will be discussed. Are you curious about the steps? Users only need to follow the steps to order tickets below:

  • First you open the app
  • Then you create an account with a phone number if you don’t have one
  • Next you need to top up your M.Tix balance via Tokopedia, Indomaret, and bank transfer
  • After that, you can go to the main page and select the title you want
  • Next select the cinema location and show time. Then choose the seat you want
  • Here you click confirm and enter a pin for purchase
  • Finally, you click buy ticket and there is an additional price for admin fees for IDR 1,500 per ticket
  • After you follow the purchase steps above, of course you will get a QR code. You can scan this code at the cinema location you choose to make a cinema ticket.
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Buying cinema tickets will be easy and you won’t have to wait in long lines anymore. So don’t worry about buying cinema tickets online.

How to Buy Cinema Tickets at CGV Cinemas Indonesia

There are many CGVs in Indonesia, apart from cinema XXI, you can make CGV another choice to watch. This cinema has an app called CGV Cinemas Indonesia that can buy tickets online.

This app also has an easy and simple way. Here are the steps to buy CGV cinema tickets online below:

  • First you open the CGV app
  • If you don’t have a CGV account, then you have to register using Gmail or Facebook
  • If you have registered an account or already have one, all you have to do is select the title of the movie you want to watch
  • Then you click book now, then specify the cinema, type of studio, and hours
  • Next you have to choose a seat then click next
  • Finally, you just have to choose a payment method and there is an additional admin fee of IDR 5,000 per transaction
  • If it is successful, you will get a booking id and pass key. You just need to exchange it on the available CGV machine.

You will get the ticket through the exchange machine. Don’t worry, the redemption process will be very easy. So you can order tickets online while lying down, sitting, and so on.

The steps for buying tickets in other apps are almost similar to the steps above. What are you waiting for to buy cinema movie tickets online and immediately order your favorite movie tickets.

So many articles about the best online cinema ticket buying app that doesn’t have to make you queue. Hopefully this article is useful for you and don’t forget to read other interesting articles!

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