How to Get rid of Hiccups without Drinking While Fasting – There are many ways to get rid of hiccups, especially when we are fasting. This we need to know how the trick or solution to get rid of hiccups even without drinking water while fasting.

It’s true that drinking water is very easy and quick to get rid of hiccups, but when fasting there are seven practical ways to get rid of problems with hiccups in the throat.

How to Get rid of Hiccups without Drinking While Fasting

how to get rid of hiccups fast

No need to panic, summarizes several ways to get rid of hiccups even without drinking water:

1. Palm massage

Interestingly, if we try this, there’s nothing wrong with hiccups, we try to massage our hands or thumbs. This can relieve a little hiccups that occur.

We can try this method by pressing the palm of the left hand with the thumb of the right. Do the same for the other part. We can do this massage movement several times until the hiccups subside or disappear.

2. Neck Massages

Without drinking water, while fasting, we can massage the neck slowly. Where the pulse is quite loud in the neck, namely in the carotid artery. please do with a gentle massage.

It is also necessary to make sure to place both hands directly above the carotid arteries. Do a gentle massage with a circular motion of the neck counterclockwise. This movement can be done for 5 seconds until the hiccups disappear.

3. Close our ears or ears tightly

For 20 seconds we try to close our ears tightly, why is this done because the movement can send a relaxation signal from the brain to the diaphragm, so it can be a way to get rid of hiccups when fasting.

4. Positioning the Body by Lying

Positioning the body by lying down can also prevent hiccups, even without the help of drinking water because of fasting. We can do this by lying down, then placing our feet on the wall in a slightly elevated position. At the same time, make sure your head is lower than your feet.

5. Press the Nose and Swallow

Make a swallowing motion while pressing the nose. This method can make the diaphragm muscle relax, so it can help overcome hiccups without breaking our fast.

6. Hold your breath for a moment

Holding your breath is a fairly popular tip for dealing with hiccups, because it can be done at any time. The method is fairly simple and easy. We just need to hold our breath for a slow count of 10 before exhaling as usual. This can be done 3-4 times every 20 minutes until the hiccups subside.

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