How to Get Rid of Acne Naturally or with Medicine – Breakout sometimes interferes with our self-confidence. But, there are several ways to get rid of acne that we can try. Common methods include natural, or by using other skin treatments.

Acne itself is a condition where the skin has inflammation problems so that small bumps appear. This can be affected by food, dirt trapped in the skin pores, excess facial sebum production, digestive problems or stress that we experience.

In addition, the type of skin we have also affects the appearance of acne on the face. Especially for those with acne-prone, oily or sensitive skin types. This condition is certainly more prone to acne on the skin. So, what we can do is control or prevent it.

So, don’t be discouraged. Let’s try the solutions below and determine for yourself which one is the most likely and efficient way to deal with the problem of acne on the face.

How to Get Rid of Acne from Food

how to remove acne scars naturally

Some cases of acne can arise due to allergies or a tendency to eat certain foods. Usually the type of food that contains eggs, oil, is spicy or contains milk, can cause this. In addition to the previous content, there are other triggering factors.

Control or even avoid the consumption of these foods. We can look for other food alternatives that have similar nutritional content, but have minimal risk of causing acne.

Try to eat more fruits and vegetables. Because these foods have vitamins, minerals and enzymes that are very good for digestion. Because, some acne problems can also be triggered by digestive problems. Like defecation that is not smooth.

Don’t stay up late and use the appropriate SPF

Nowadays, quite a lot of people like to stay up late. Some of them spend time exposed to gadgets such as cellphones or other types of screens. Even though it seems unrelated, staying up late can inhibit the body from making cell repairs. Because there are certain substances that can only appear when we sleep.

In addition, to avoid reactions from exposure to gadgets, UV rays and heat, you should use an SPF that suits your skin type. Because we will use SPF more often (sometimes need to re-application), choose one that doesn’t feel hot, feels like it clogs pores or causes irritation on the face. Faces that use SPF are better protected from some skin problems that may hit.

How to get rid of acne by keeping your face clean

In this section, everyone has their own way. But, the point is that facial cleansing usually takes 1-2 steps, and requires regular peeling.

Although acne often appears due to excess oil, it does not mean we have to clean it until it feels rough, even tends to dry. To be sure, you should really consult a medical dermatologist.

Because it can better explain skin conditions medically and objectively, because it is not tied to certain skincare brands that we don’t necessarily match.

This method of cleaning the face can be by washing with soap every 1-2 days, using cleansing milk and toner, or other methods that the doctor recommends. We can still do peeling once or twice a week, depending on the sensitivity of the skin. Currently, there are many cleaning and peeling products that are safe for sensitive skin.

Use of masks

Masks consist of natural masks and beauty masks on the market. Beauty masks themselves are now in many forms, ranging from mud masks (like mud dough), gel masks and sheet masks (in the form of sheets).

For acne-prone skin problems, generally use masks that can absorb excess oil, regulate sebum production and contain anti-acne ingredients. The application depends on the severity and sensitivity of the skin.

As for natural masks, what we need to pay attention to is whether the material is an allergen for us. For example, honey, egg whites, oatmeal and lemons are often the mainstay of overcoming acne. If it does not cause problems, we can use it regularly. About once every 1-2 weeks.

How to get rid of acne by consuming medication

Some doctors sometimes also give oral medication to treat skin problems. This is probably related to conditions in the body that affect the reaction in our skin. However, we don’t always need this drug, so in general we only get external medicine.

Acne medicine for the outside

In addition to swallowing drugs, there are also topical medications. Usually this type of drug contains active ingredients to treat acne. Such as salicylic acid and sulfur. In addition, of course, it contains other ingredients to treat the skin from the acne treatment process.

Its use is only applied to the skin with acne and has been cleaned. We use it more effectively before going to bed, or when the skin doesn’t have to use makeup.

Drink enough water

Hydration can help our skin condition to stay moist and supple. Although only water, but it is very important for the body. In addition to moisturizing, it also helps cleanse digestion. Consumption of at least 8 glasses a day, or according to the number of our body fluid needs.

Of course, the above method can later be deepened. If the acne condition is not too severe, we can do all the steps above. However, if your skin tends to be sensitive or is a more persistent type of acne, then you should first consult a dermatologist for the right solution.

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