How to get rid of a nasal congestion – Overcoming a nasal congestion is not easy, a nasal congestion is very annoying. Can occur due to cough, cold, flu or inflammation of the inside of the nose due to bacteria. Whatever the story, this disorder must be treated immediately, because the condition can affect daily activities.

How to get rid of a nasal congestion

nasal congestion treatment

Overcoming nasal congestion, can be done in various ways, including:

1. Inhale Warm Steam

First, inhale the warm steam that you can take from the pot water, then bring it to a boil. You can inhale the steam slowly. Avoid getting too close to the container, it may cause scalding.

By drinking hot water can also. Because drinking hot drinks can indirectly relieve a nasal congestion. Can be varied with tea or other ingredients. It can also prevent dehydration and soothe inflamed membranes.

2. Blowing Your Snot

The next step is to blow your nose more often. It’s best to do it slowly. If it is too loud this will actually bring germs back into the ear.

3. Consume Liquids

Next, consuming large amounts of fluids can actually help to thin the mucus. This prevents sinus congestion. The liquid can also be sprayed using a nasal spray or nasal spray. That way the nose becomes more moist, so the mucus becomes thinner.

4. Using an Air Humidifier

Another way is to use a humidifier or humidifier. Could be an alternative that can overcome nasal congestion. This type of machine is commonly used to convert water into steam so that it humidifies the room. When you breathe in moist air, it can soothe irritation of blood vessels and swollen tissues.

5. Washing the Nose Using Salt Water

Washing the nose with salt water is very effective in dealing with nasal congestion. Salt water can remove bacteria and viruses in the nose.

Antihistamines can also relieve swelling in the airways and relieve nasal congestion. These drugs can cause drowsiness as a side effect. Do not use it when you want to move, let alone driving. In addition, the use of this drug should be under the supervision of a doctor.

6. Taking Drugs

The last way that can be done to overcome a nasal congestion is to take medication. There are many types of drugs that are commonly consumed and found in pharmacies.

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