How to Clean Earwax – Do you feel that your ears are very clogged? Excess wax in the ear can sometimes build up and make hearing a person very difficult. Maybe you’ve known that using cotton buds is not a safe way to clean earwax.

Earwax itself is not a bad thing, sometimes earwax is very good for the ears. Earwax itself can protect the ear canal from dust and dirt found around the ear.

Although it’s also good for the ears, of course we don’t want too much dirt stuck to the ears, right? Because this too can cause problems.

How to Clean Earwax that must be Considered

how to clean earwax out of ears

Here are some tips and ways to safely clean your ears that you can do:

1. Using Warm Water

After bathing you can rub a cotton swab on or around the outside of the ear, the warm water from the shower will actually loosen the dirt stuck to your ear. The use of cotton or cotton buds themselves can actually damage the eardrum if inserted too strongly.

2. Moist cloth

Cotton swabs or cotton buds can push dirt deeper into the ear canal, you can use a cotton swab or damp cloth on the outside of the ear. Using a damp or warm cloth can clean the wax on the outer ear clean.

3. Using Over-the-counter Ear Cleaners

Many drugs to clean earwax are sold in pharmacies, you can try some drops such as the following:

  • Baby oil.
  • Peroxide.
  • Hydrogen peroxide.

However, with the use of drugs, it is better if you consult with your doctor to adjust the dosage and recommendations for correct use.

When to Go to the Doctor?

There are several symptoms of earwax blockage, including the following:

  • A feeling of fullness in the ear.
  • Decreased hearing.
  • Ear pain.

If you feel some symptoms in the ear, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor to find out the treatment and cause. Earwax will be very annoying, but you need to pay attention to how to clean your ears properly and correctly.

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