How to Clean Computer – For those of you who work in front of the computer every day, you may not realize that the computer that you use frequently is dirty and dusty. Not infrequently you are lazy to clean it regularly. Though the dust and dirt that sticks is not good for health.

How to Clean Computer

how to clean computer screen

Here’s how to clean a computer in the office to make it look cleaner and more comfortable to use for work:

1. Clean the screen with a special cloth

Avoid cleaning the computer screen using a tissue, because it will make the screen scratched and dirty. A special cloth made of soft microfiber material is the right choice to make your computer screen cleaner.

2. Clean the dirt properly

Do not use cleaning fluids that contain alcohol such as ammonia or acetone to remove dirt on the computer monitor and keyboard. Liquids containing alcohol can damage the monitor.

We recommend using a more natural way, for example cleaning it with vinegar that has been mixed with enough water.

3. Remove scratches

You can use toothpaste to remove scratches on the computer. But make sure to use a toothpaste that is not in the form of a gel and contains bleach. It’s easy, apply toothpaste to the scratches using a microfiber cloth. Let stand for a few moments and clean using a dry cloth.

4. Use a hair dryer to remove dust

To remove dust and dirt on the computer keyboard, try using a hair dryer. However, what you need to do before doing that is to turn off all computer connection cables, then start cleaning with a hair dryer on a cold temperature.

5. Clean between the keyboard and mouse

An easy way to clean dirt between the computer keyboards is by using a bread knife covered with a microfiber cloth. The trick, mix vinegar and water in equal proportions, then dip a microfiber cloth into the liquid. Then, start to clean between the keyboard and mouse slowly.

That’s how to clean a computer according to which was discussed above. Good luck.

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