Download the Best Movie Streaming Apps – review of streaming, the biggest streaming in the world, namely Netflix, which was officially released in Indonesia earlier this year. But not everyone can use Netflix because it is a paid streaming site.

Well, the solution for those of you who want to watch economical films, you don’t need to go to the cinema or buy pirated DVDs, namely by streaming through the devices you have.

Who doesn’t want to watch free movies today? Seeing the film as an activity that gives a distraction. This activity is useful for you to get rid of depression and fatigue that makes you weak, lazy and not enthusiastic about doing activities.

What’s more, if you watch free movies, of course it will make you a more economical person, right? And don’t add to your depression spending a lot of money just to see a movie as your distraction.

Reviewing about free on this occasion we will review some free movie watching apps without downloading.

Here are 12 Free Movie Streaming Apps on Android Phones

best free movie streaming app

You can see it anywhere and anytime because you already have the movie on your device’s app. And you can also see what movies, for example family films, romance, horror, humor and others:

1. Netflix

netflix login

Who doesn’t know the Netflix movie viewing app? Of course the majority of fellow readers already know it!

Netflix as one of the apps that pioneered global streaming services, in Indonesia itself Netflix has started operating its service since 2006. Netflix has become one of the apps to watch the best movies, one of the factors is because in it there are millions of content that we can watch.

Starting from series, animation, soap operas, documentaries, almost everything is in this Netflix app. Netflix even provides streaming with HD quality, so our eyes will be comfortable to see content or shows on Netflix.

The netflix faction provides an experiment in the first month for free for those of you who want to use this app. then in the following month you can choose three types of packages, starting from the basic, standard, and premium packages.

Download the app here.

2. Iflix

iflix app

At first glance, the name is similar to the original movie viewing app! Iflix is ​​a movie viewing app that can be used on Android devices, this app feels from Malaysia. Now, Iflix is ​​the biggest movie streaming app in Asia.

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Similar to Netflix, Iflix provides an experiment for those of you who want to watch movies using this app for free for one month, then only in the next month you can subscribe at a relatively cheap price when compared to netflix, which is 39 thousand rupiah.

For you as a loyal Oredo customer, you can get free access for six months to iflix and 12 months for Indihome Telkom service users. But sometimes the Iflix app is not up-to-date in preparing films coupled with Indonesian subtitles.

Download the app here.

3. Hooq

hooq sign up

Then there is an app to see films made by local children, that app is Hooq. Hooq as one of the apps to see films made by Indonesians, in this app prepared many films, especially local films and have very good quality.

You can start to subscribe from a price of 49 to several thousand if you want to use the Hooq app, besides that you can only pay for one movie that you watch, no subscription is required.

Download the app here.

4. Genflix

genflix app

Then there is the genflix app, this is an app to watch movies online made by Indonesians other than hooq. This genflix app charges the cheapest subscription price, cheaper than hooq, which is 25 thousand rupiah.

If you often use Traveloka, you will certainly get points from the app. Nach, the points from the traveloka app that you get can be used to view movies on the genflix app.

You can connect the genflix app by using an android / iOS / desktop mobile device. There are several viewing content prepared for all of us. Starting from live channels, Indonesian, Pakistani, Indian, Anime, Blockbuster movies, or others.

Download the app here.

5. Viu

viu tv

Viu is an app to view movies that we can access in Indonesia, this app is really suitable for those of you who like music content, Korean soap operas, and movies the most.

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But for the content in the VIU app, there are limits that are applied to certain countries, there are some other content that is in VIU starting from Japanese, Indian, Chinese, Indonesian, and various other films equipped with various language subtitles.

You can start to subscribe to this VIU app starting from 30 a few thousand / month, then you can see the content in VIU without ads that appear.

Download the app here.

6. Maxstream

linksys maxstream ac2600

For those of you who use Telkomsel internet cards in particular, you certainly often hear the term Maxstream. Maxstream as a useful app for VOD service. We can use Maxstream to watch movies, euro sports, local TV channels, and even international TV channels.

There is a lot of content prepared in this app, you just need to log in using your Telkomsel number to the Maxstream app to enjoy the content on Maxstream.

Download the app here.

7. Viki Rakuten

viki rakuten app

Viki Rakuten is a VOD app that offers a lot of content from films, soap operas, and tv shows from various countries and is generally equipped with subtitles in more than 200 available languages.

Even sites owned by Viki Rakuten can be visited by up to 25 million per month. Viki Rakuten but also provides premium services if you want to enjoy the existing content without being disturbed by advertising broadcasts.

Download the app here.

8. Catch Play

catchplay storyone

Then the 9th there is a VOD / video on demand app which is originally from Taiwan. This catch play app allows us to watch various types of films for free or if you feel less you can also subscribe for a price of 45 several thousand per month.

There are also other options that you can choose other than a subscription at that price, you can rent movies on the Catch Play app for a price of 15 thousand to 22 thousand.

Generally, the film content in this app is generally mandarin content, but there are still many western films and Indonesian films that you can sample.

Download the app here.

9. Yidio

yidio app

Yidio as a video watching app without downloading that can direct you to find movies that can be accessed for free without paying any fees.

Yidio’s weakness lies in Yidio which is compatible with almost all existing devices. The advantage of Yidio is that its interface is the most friendly and easier to use.

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Movies that you search for with this app can be filtered by premiere date, MPAA rating, type, and source. However, sometimes Yidio asks you to take additional apps such as Crackle or Downstream. You can download Yidio on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Windows Phone, and others.

Download the app here.

10. Popcornflix

popcornflix app

On a special page of the Popcornflix app, some favorite movies are shown which you can choose according to your favorite type and you can also sort the movies that are seen by other Popcornflix users.

If you want to collect some of your favorite films to watch in the future, you can make a list of some of those selected films.

Download the app here.

11. Tubi TV

tubi tv activate

The app has a desktop-like appearance and is optimized in its mobile version, so you can connect to the app via your phone or tablet. On Tubi TV, you can choose movies based on the types available.

Each time you select a movie, Tubi TV will display a complete description of the release date, time duration, rating, genre, and so on. You can connect this Tubi TV app via iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android, Xbox 360, Samsung TV, and many more.

Download the app here.

12. Crackle

snap crackle pop

This movie watching app needs to be given a thumbs up because Crackle can be reached on most devices, starting from smart TVs, mobile phones, and game consoles.

But if you’re an iPhone user, it’s definitely easier to use the Crackle app because when you connect Crackle from your iPhone, you don’t need to log in to stream your favorite movies.

Download the app here.

Well, that’s our review regarding the app to watch movies on Android phones. For friends, Aok-free.information that you don’t have a partner to invite you to watch at the cinema, are frugal or experiencing financial crisis.

In addition to watching movies on Android, you can also watch TV via Android by using an online TV watching app. However, you must be connected to the internet.

This app is your alternative. I hope this article helps you. Don’t be shy if someone is a friend of Aok-free. If you have any questions and want to be asked, please ask in the comment box below.

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