Why Cryptocurrency Is The Future Of Money

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Why Cryptocurrency Is The Future Of Money – It is widely considered that cryptocurrency is a thriving ecosystem that is slowly making progress within the world’s traditional financial system. According to statistics, the number of users of various cryptocurrencies has grown by 66 million between 2018 and the last quarter of 2020. Moreover, both the private and public sectors are preparing to adopt cryptocurrencies in their financial transactions such as making payments, storing value, and as an investment. The history of cryptocurrency goes back several decades when cryptography started making digital advances. It is a technology that has helped develop and develop various encryption techniques that make cryptocurrency networks safe and reliable for carrying out various transactions. Now with over 5,000 cryptocurrencies and counting, check out four reasons why cryptocurrencies are the future of finance. Dawning Of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) The need for a transparent, secure, and accessible financial system is said to be increasing and becoming increasingly evident. This is believed to be due to the ongoing failure of the current centralized financial system to provide financial freedom and credibility to users. Many see decentralized finance or DeFi as a system that could offer more transparency and better transactional security and replace some of the conventional financial processes soon. DeFi is said to be rapidly gaining traction in investing, trading, borrowing, and lending catalyzing the revolution in financial services today. The increasing demand for and accessibility of cryptocurrency exchanges has further increased the popularity of various DeFi systems around the world. Along with that, cryptocurrency exchanges have also become popular among investors. These top crypto exchanges in Australia are some of the platforms that Australian investors are progressively using to trade cryptocurrencies. Therefore, cryptocurrency is believed to continue to drive changes in the financial system as it is known today. As a result, DeFi built on public blockchains becomes a more viable alternative financial system that offers more access to financial services. Anyone anywhere can connect to it while also offering transparency. The Value of Cryptocurrencies Vary Even though cryptocurrency has no intrinsic value, it does have value in the following ways:

The more actors who become recipients of cryptocurrency, it is believed that the more acceptable the financial system becomes. Both the private and public sectors have shown great interest in it, and it is now openly recognized in many sectors. So far, there are public and private actors who openly recognize cryptocurrencies as part of their financial system. Institutional investors, technology-focused companies and even national central banks around the world have started to include cryptocurrencies in their operations. Moreover, with its acceptance, new policies and regulations were put in place to create a regular practice for the future. The policy was also used to control all the players as more and more players kept breaking into space. Transactional and Banking Benefits As the use of cryptocurrencies is growing day by day, their acceptability and accessibility continue to be in the spotlight. Cryptographic techniques and technology also continue to develop and advance which leads to the creation of a better and stronger cryptocurrency financial system. At the moment, these are the real benefits that the system offers as a financial system.

Why Cryptocurrency Is The Future Of Money

Why Cryptocurrency Is The Future Of Money

This allows for anonymity while transacting as the system is supported by the use of different cryptographic techniques. This method ensures data protection to prevent information from falling into the wrong hands. All transmitted data is literally hidden from unauthorized persons.

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Transactions made using cryptocurrencies cannot be tampered with or falsified, and are transmitted in a highly secure network. However, financial records can still be traced for evidence.

In a world where there are still large populations without access to formal financial services, cryptocurrencies offer a viable and concrete solution. Conventional banking is limited by a lack of personal identification documents, opening accounts and operating funds, or proximity to institutions. The unbanked worldwide can now take advantage of a financial model that offers instant access from anywhere, lower transaction fees and fast transaction processing. Conclusion The history of cryptocurrencies is very telling about what is at stake in the financial future. Blockchain technology has the potential to disrupt conventional financial systems that currently require trusted third parties to check, verify and authorize transactions. As technology develops, more and more sectors are recognizing and accepting cryptocurrencies as a viable financial system. Cryptocurrency can become a new conventional financial system in the future.

Disclaimer: Any financial and crypto market information provided on Analytics Insight is written for informational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice. Do your own research by consulting a financial expert before making any investment decisions. The decision to read further is purely a matter of choice and will be construed as an express undertaking/warranty in favor of Analytics Insights being released from any/all potential legal action, or enforceable claims.

Analytics Insight is an influential platform dedicated to insights, trends and opinions from the world of data-driven technology. It monitors the developments, recognition and achievements made by Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Analytics companies around the world. We spend most of our time in an endless race for money. But many of us don’t know what money really is.

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What’s the future of money? Thousands of years ago, our ancestors used to barter or exchange food, hunting tools, and livestock. And now Uniswap, the world’s most popular crypto exchange and barter protocol, has generated a billion dollar fee! The money has come full circle. Welcome to the first issue of this weekly “zero BS” column on money and the future of crypto. Today we discuss the past, present, and future of money.

Our ancestors started with a system of bartering – something like “I’ll give you two buffaloes in exchange for five new very sharp axes”. Soon they realized that the bartering system had too many limitations:

So they turned to more acceptable, divisible, homogeneous, and portable forms of money — conch shells, salt, gold, silver, and more.

Why Cryptocurrency Is The Future Of Money

The invention of Chinese paper eventually led to the birth of paper currency, which was originally backed by gold or other precious metals. The United States dollar was on the gold standard for many years. That means the dollar is backed by gold. It ended on June 5, 1933.

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Today, the rest of the world is turning to fiat money – currency declared as legal tender by governments but not backed by a physical commodity.

Take a look at Indian banknotes (anything but the 1 rupee note). It carries a pledge signed by the Governor of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI):

If you take this note to the Governor of the RBI, he will (probably) give you a coin or a one rupee note. (Disclaimer: I haven’t tried it!)

These notes issued by the RBI can be used as “legal tender” in India. That means everyone has to accept it for all legal payments. Remember the demonetization of some banknotes in India in 2016? Well, legally speaking, here’s what happened: “legal tender status” of Rs. 500 and Rp. 1,000 banknotes withdrawn.

Digital Currency Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Future Of Money

The birth of computers and the Internet has brought many innovative payment systems such as debit & credit cards, net-banking, mobile wallets, UPI, etc.

The cryptocurrency revolution started with Satoshi Nakamoto’s road-breaking whitepaper – “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System” in October 2008. It brought the world Bitcoin, the first truly peer-to-peer electronic currency. Today, there are almost 6,000 cryptocurrencies that are actively traded!

These cryptocurrencies are of many types — medium-of-exchange coins, stablecoins, utility coins, privacy coins, meme coins, NFTs, etc.

Why Cryptocurrency Is The Future Of Money

There are also specific use case cryptos disrupting sectors such as e-commerce, education, data storage, gaming, marketing, media, supply chain, video streaming, and more.

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Did you know that there is a crypto project called Basic Attention Token (BAT) that monetizes human attention? Yes, that’s right, human concern! I will cover this in a future issue.

Money is not just cash and bank deposits. It includes so much more – art, cryptocurrencies, equity shares, gold real estate, loyalty points, etc.

Let’s say I have a great idea for a startup. But I don’t have the money to hire a good team. I can pay them using my startup stock. I can also give them an ESOP (employee stock option). If my startup is successful, my team will be able to sell their shares for a huge profit.

Rohas Nagpal is the author of the Future Money Playbook and Chief Blockchain Architect at the Wrapped Asset Project. He is also an amateur boxer and retired hacker. You can follow him on LinkedIn.

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